Linda's Learning Lab

About the Lab

The Lab started delivering lessons in 1998 using one computer in a one-room cabin on five acres. The size of the grounds surrounding the Lab increased by 30 acres in 2015. The Lab closed for remodeling in 2017. It will return with a larger space, including a cottage kitchen to make use of the fruit from the Lab's test orchard.

About Linda

Linda began teaching in the Mojave Desert in 1985 through a program at the public library. She was graduated from a community college in Palm Springs, transferred to the University of California for a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, and got her Master of Educational Technology degree from Boise State University.

She did all of the coursework and student teaching for the Multiple- Subject teaching credential at California State University and was a substitute teacher for six years at Morongo Unified School District under a Ryan Credential. 

Currently, Linda is taking art classes to expand her ability and skills used to produce jewelry.